Ericka Bell, yoga teacher for everyBody

Ericka Bell is from Kansas City, Ks. and currently resides in Overland Park, Ks. with her husband and two children.  She began taking yoga 12 years ago after giving birth to her first child.  The idea of intentional movement with conscious breathe was a welcoming idea due to her dance  background.  Being a consistent student peeked her curiosity to learn more about yoga.

So, she pursued her first teaching certification with Darryl Olive, owner of KC Fitness Link in 2007.  In 2010 she obtained a Chair Yoga certification with Lakshmi Voelker, creator of Get Fit Where You Sit.  During the summer of 2014 she continued to expand her knowledge of yoga with Sid McNairy, creator of Sid Yoga.  To her surprise she also learned through Sid’s training how to define what is most important to her as a teacher.  She has discovered that helping people find their personal power, and leading her teachings with unconditional-love is what defines her teaching style.

Ericka has had the opportunity to share yoga with a diverse group of students.  Her students have varied in age, physical ability, as well as fitness level.  As a result, she shares with her students the importance of possessing a strong sense of self, so they understand and begin to believe that who they are in any giving moment …. is more than enough!

She is inspired by those around her that have the courage to face their fears, doubts, uncertainty with vigor, while maintaining a can-do attitude, no matter the obstacles.  Surrounding herself with positive people that have dreams, coupled with the willingness to do the work gets her motivated to be her best every time.

Currently, Ericka teaches at the City of Lenexa, Meadowbrook Insurance, Synergy Yoga and Core Energy Yoga.  She recently has been inspired to create a yoga movement that she has entitled everyBody Yoga … look for workshops coming to your area!  When not in the studio you can find her relaxing at home with her family.  They are a family that enjoys exploring local restaurants, travel, and being out in nature when given the opportunity. Ericka hopes to see her family, friends and everybody on the mat soon!