Welcome to YouYoga

Welcome to YouYoga, an Overland Park yoga practice that creates a welcoming, unintimidating community for anyone interested in exploring the myriad benefits of yoga. Regardless of your previous yoga experience or physical abilities, we want to help you discover all that you’re capable of doing—and that includes recognizing (and embracing) your full potential.

At YouYoga, we advocate a consistent yoga practice that allows you to explore the boundaries of your body and mind. Rather than simply pushing past them, you’ll conquer your obstacles with a newfound flexibility, strength and a sense of awareness that not only boosts your physical health, but also your mental well-being and confidence.

Whether you want to explore Chair Yoga, Yoga for Beginners,  Yoga for Seniors or more advanced yoga instruction, YouYoga has a class that will help you improve your mobility, breathing and energy.  So, isn’t it time you did something for yourself? You deserve YouYoga—yoga that lets you be you.


YouYoga Overland Park Kansas